Do You Think Celebs Should Get Honorary Degrees?

For most people, college is really hard and really really expensive. Especially if you further your education by getting a masters or doctorate degree.


I worked my butt off in college, so it kind of irks me when someone like Dolly Parton gets an honorary doctorate from my alma mater.

At this year's graduation ceremony, Dolly received an honorary doctorate degree from The University of Tennessee for her "role as a cultural ambassador, philanthropist, and lifelong advocate for education." She accepted the doctorate by saying, "So when people say something about 'Double-D,' they'll be thinking of something entirely different."

Other celebs who have surpassed the excruciating papers, finals, and thesis statements include Muhammad Ali (Princeton), Bob Dylan (St. Andrews), Steven Tyler (Berklee College of Music), and Bob Barker (Drury University).

Now, an honorary degree doesn't hold the same standing as a "real" degree, but those who have been awarded can choose to go by the formal title of "Dr." So yes Dolly, we will think of you as Double-D for no reason other than your doctorate.

Am I just bitter in thinking there are other ways to recognize these accomplishments? Or do you think this is a good way to honor those celebrities who have used their popularity for a good cause?

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