New on DVD!

Photo by: Amazon

Green men, James Bond and the Family Guy are on the list for must see DVDs this week. Action movies and scary flicks top the list of new DVD releases!


One of our favorite green men, The Incredible Hulk, will be on DVD this week. This hulk stars Edward Norton and Liv Tyler with mega-special effects. Casino Royale is on DVD this week, with the newer, blonder Daniel Craig as 007. Can you say hot? Since we are in the Halloween season, it makes sense that The Strangers and Anaconda 3 are on the shelves this week!

If you are looking for laughs, the Family Guy, Vol. 6, is on sale this week. Family Guy is not for family viewing, just in case you've never seen it.

Do any of these picks rock your world? Talk to me and let me know.

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