Our Chat with Celebrity Moms: They're Just Like Us

celebrity momsCelebrity moms have the same views on motherhood as us, and their parenting styles are just as diverse.

We spoke with 11 moms, famous for everything from cooking to designing, acting to starring in a reality show, and asked them the same six questions on motherhood. They all have one thing in common -- a great love for their children.


On the lessons of motherhood:

"Motherhood has made me stop and smell the roses for the first time in my life." -Gretchen Carlson co-anchor of Fox & Friends, mom of Christian, 4, Kaia, 5

"It's a selfless act to become a mother and it's never-ending. I have such respect for all mothers, particularly single mothers and underprivileged moms." -Ricki Lake author of Your Best Birth, mom of Milo, 12, and Owen, 8

"Pregnancy and giving birth has taught me that women are actually superheroes." -Genevieve Gorder host of HGTV's Dear Genevieve, Mom of Bebelle, 1

"You realize how unimportant the small things are in life. You come to grasp total patience and are given the blessing of an overall purpose." -Tori Spelling actress, author of Mommywood, star of Oxygen's Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, mom of Liam, 2, and Stella, 11 months

"You don't mind giving them the last bite of whatever it is that you are enjoying, and you don't mind standing in the sweltering sun praying for him to catch that fly ball because their happiness is your happiness and nothing in life seems better then these precious little moments." -Betty Hayes star of TLC's Table for 12, mom of ten kids ages 4 to 12

"...I don't need to be so focused on what people think of me, how good or not good I am (compared) to what they think. The most important thing is to be what I think is the best mom I can be." -Amy Roloff star of TLC's Little People, Big World, mom to 18-year-old twins Zachary and Jeremy, Molly, 15, and Jacob, 12

On how the state of the world today affects views of motherhood:

"I'm a very optimistic person, hard to be an entrepreneur and not be optimist. Grew up in NYC where I'm raising my children, and think we live in a wonderful place and best country in world and I feel great about our future and their future." -Liz Lange maternity clothing designer, mom of Gus, 10, and Alice, 8

"I am moved to teach my daughters about the environment and the small things we can do every day to help heal the state of disrepair we are in." - Melora Hardin actress on NBC's The Office, star of YOU, mom of daughters Rory, 7, and Piper, 4,

"Now, it is a time to raise children who are not only well-educated and smart, but also ‘street smart' and socially together." -Kris Jenner star of E!'s Keeping  Up With the Kardashians, mom of ten kids ages 12 to 30

"I have to read and get on the internet myself to see what all this MySpace, Your Space is about! I know technology is good, but I miss the days when I called my mom to ask her how she was doing. Our kids now have so much access to everything; we have to stay in tune with all the technology." -Gina Neely, host of HGTV's Down Home With the Neelys, cookbook author, mom of Spenser, 20, and Shelbi, 14


The best part of being a mom is...

"I can tell them how to act, but when it goes from their head to their heart and really sinks in-my job is done." -Michelle Duggar star of TLC's 18 and Counting, mom of 18 kids ages 5 months to 21 years.

"Snuggling." -Gretchen Carlson and Betty Hayes

"I love the cuddles." -Melora Hardin

"The opportunity to having children allows me to go back to my own childhood. I see the world through their eyes and it's new and fresh again." -Liz Lange

"The best part of being a mom is the love that I receive from my kids. Kim once said something she wasn't aware of that really hurt my feelings and when I finally told her, she wrote me the most amazing letter of how much she loves me and how much I mean to her. I will cherish it forever." -Kris Jenner

"We do this thing where we would get up on Saturday mornings, have breakfast, and watch chick flicks and girl power movies. And I overheard my daughter say that I am a great multi-tasker. I didn't even know that she noticed, but when I heard that I knew she appreciated the time I spent with her. It is so rewarding when my children notice that." -Gina Neely


On lessons learned from mom:

"My mother really supported my interests.... I want to do that for my kids." -Ricki Lake

"Travel the world. Have fear and understand it. Don't marry anyone until you're at least 30 years old." -Genevieve Gorder

"I am thankful that my mother taught me about commitment and valuing money and how we spend it." -Melora Hardin

"My parents have a saying that I believe is the best advice for any new parent: ‘When they are at their least unlovable is when they most need to be loved." -Betty Hayes

"I look back and see the sacrifices my mother made for good memories, and I'm willing to do that for my own kids so they can have those same fond memories." -Michelle Duggar

"Mostly, she showed me that when life gets really scary, like when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and then colon cancer, and was undergoing her chemo and radiation treatment, that never ever give up." -Kris Jenner


How do you plan to spend Mother's Day this year?

"[We're having] our favorite breakfast with the kids: chocolate chip pancakes with a whipped cream smile on top." -Gretchen Carlson

"One of my favorite things is to hike near my house. That's how I want to start my Mother's Day - with my boys and my dog on my favorite hike." - Ricki Lake

"Being with my four kids at home. This year it will be my boys 19th birthday on Mother's Day. What better gift and day could I have asked for?" -Amy Roloff

"My children will cook for me on Mother's Day." -Michelle Duggar

"I hope to spend Mother's Day with my own mother, and of course all of my kids doing something really fun." -Kris Jenner


Your greatest wish for your children:

"I want them to give me grandchildren! But really, I want them to love themselves and do something that they are happy with and to grow up and feel like they've accomplished something." -Ricki Lake

"My greatest wish for Bebelle is that she always approaches the world from a place of joy." -Genevieve Gorder

"I sometimes feel I do have it all and want them -- whatever that means -- to find that contentment in their life." -Liz Lange

"That they be happy, find love all around them and feel passionate about how they will contribute to the world as women." -Melora Hardin

"My greatest wish for my children is that we give them the basis to go out into this world feeling completely loved, self confident, and self reliant." -Tori Spelling


I think we all can relate to what these moms are saying. Which mom do you relate to most and why?

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