Miss USA Pageant Bought Carrie Prejean Implants

Carrie Prejean Miss California implants

Photo from Miss USA

This last Miss USA pageant is like a gift that keeps on giving. There are more and more stories coming out as each day goes on.

First there was the controversy of Miss California Carrie Prejean's answer during the pageant that she didn't agree with gay marriage.

Then photos emerged of her posing with transsexual icon Amanda Lepore.

Now the pageant has made a statement that they paid for Carrie Prejean's implants.

Cue the record skip!


A pageant official said they assisted Prejean with her augmentation to make her feel better about herself and so she would be more proportioned for the swimsuit competition.

I complained about how plastic some of the girls looked over in the Beauty & Style Buzz.

What do you think? Is this all just good for publicity for the next pageant?

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