Lost: Did You Watch? My Head is Spinning!


Photo from ABC

I'm always joking how I'm often really lost when I watch ABC's Lost. Doesn't stop me though. I just know not to ask my husband questions during the show. It's too intense. I wait for commerical break, then we try to make sense of it all. But last night's episode -- OMG -- what is going on?!


In case you didn't watch the episode yet, don't keep reading. SPOILER ALERT....



  • Daniel Faraday...is he really dead? Why did his mom send him back to the island knowing he was going to die?
  • Can they prevent the plane crash that got them there in the first place? Or more importantly, do they want to? Kate would be headed to prison!
  • Are they going to kill Juliet and Sawyer? (Isn't he sexy?!)
  • What's going to happen to Jack and Kate now that they are hiding out in the jungle near The Others?
  • Will their time zones align to allow Jin to see Sun again?

Lost fans...share your thoughts!


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