Are You a Fan of Romance Novels?

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Christine Feehan sure knows how to write some steamy stuff. In her book, Murder Game, The New York Times bestselling author writes:

The wind shifted and carried her scent to him. Kadan’s body tightened savagely in response. His body knew her instantly. She looked like some wild, pagan offering, untamed, seductive. For him. He went very still, his breath catching in his lungs. Instant awareness shook him. He certainly had his share of women, but he never reacted like this -- a vicious, brutal response of his body and mind, everything in him reaching toward her.


Wow! Did it just get hot in here or is it just me? The romance novel genre has so many subcategories: paranormal, sci-fi, historical...something to tickle everyone's fancy (pun intended). CafeMom has the groups Romance Reader Book Club, Paranormal Romance Junkie, and Erotica Stories. Talk about hot reads!

Are you a fan of romance novels?



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