Melora Hardin: 6 Questions About Motherhood

Melora Hardin

Do you watch NBC's The Office? Hilarious! And one of my favorite characters was Jan, played by Melora Hardin.

Melora's had various riles in film and theater throughout her career. Most recently, she's appeared in 17 Again and Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Her daughters, Rory, 7, and Piper, 4, along with her husband, mother, and father, all starred in a soon-to-be released film called YOU (online on May 8th). YOU was a labor of love and shows the depth of Melora the woman, not just Melora the actress. And she is also sharing who she is as a mom with us.

Moms...I sure learn a lot from my own, the ones here on CafeMom, and moms who are in the spotlight. In honor of Mother's Day, we're talking to a lot of moms, and will be featuring many celebrity moms and get their thoughts on motherhood. Here are Melora's thoughts and experiences on motherhood....



What has motherhood taught you about yourself?

Being a mother is, by far, the most complex and multi-dimensional job I've ever had. To really succeed, I have to be a happy example of someone living life to the fullest. My children directly reflect whatever is going on with me so I am challenged on a daily basis to be my best self -- loving patient, clear, direct, creative, fun, and always striving for better without rushing out of the moment and being present in the here and now.

How has the state of the world today affected your view of motherhood?

My mothering style is definitely directly related to the state of our world today. I am moved to teach my daughters about the environment and the small things we can do every day to help heal the state of disrepair we are in. My husband and I chose to turn our TV off when our first daughter was born seven years ago. Not because TV is evil, but because there is just so much stimulation nowadays and our children's short childhood seems stolen from them in a way.

We are also educating out girls through the Waldorf, Steiner Schools, which value imagination, creativity, low to no media at all, and, in my opinion, helps to keep them young longer. I had a rich and wonderful childhood, full of imaginary games and art and I want that for my kids. I know the day will come when they want to be a part of the media generation and I will be OK with that, but if they can have a few cherished, highly developmental years that are uncluttered with images of sex, violence, and consumerism, I feel they will reap great benefits for their life as adults. We spend so little of our lives as children; I want the magic of childhood to last as long as it possibly can for our girls.

What do you love best about being a mom?

I love the cuddles. The sweetness of how much they cherish us and we cherish them. Watching them grow and learn. My youngest daughter recently drew a family portrait of all of us standing under a rainbow with two suns in each corner of the page. We all had big smiles and we're holding hands. I love that closeness and will nurture that forever. My older daughter just wrote a book and illustrated it about a magic well that learned to get along with a heart and it was such a beautifully, simple example of harmony in relationship. I was just elated to see and hear how she understood this and...all the cuddles!

What is the most important parenting lesson you learned from your own mother?

I was a very serious ballet dancer from the time I was 5-years-old. My mother would come to me at the beginning of every month and say, "It's time to pay for ballet classes again. Do you want to go?" I, of course, would jump up and down and say, "Yes, yes, yes!" and my mother would remind me, "OK but if I pay for the lessons you have to go even if you don't feel like it?" I have great training and learned about the value of consistency and to this day I still go to dance class even when I don't feel like it. I am thankful that my mother taught me about commitment and valuing money and how we spend it.

How do you plan to spend Mother's Day this year?

We will release the film I just directed, YOU, online just in time for Mother's Day. It is a love story truly made from the heart. YOU is my passion project and I will spend part of Mother's Day celebrating that we finally got it out into the world and I will celebrate even more if people are finding it and buying it, downloading it, and giving it to their mothers for Mother's Day.

There is no huge, corporate machine behind the release of YOU so I'll take personal pleasure and feel great personal triumph if we can give YOU wings in the world. Not unlike sending a child off into adulthood, I am deeply invested in what happens to my baby, so Mother's Day will be spent with my daughters, my husband, and tracking YOU's ascent into cyberspace!

What is your greatest wish for your children?

That they be happy, find love all around them and feel passionate about how they will contribute to the world as women.


Thank you, Melora! I admire how she wants her children to find their creativity and imagination, and not rely on media to sway them. What ways have you helped your kids find their creative side?

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