Jane Krakowski Cracks Me Up

Jane Krakowski

Photo from AP/Jason DeCrow, Breyers

My friend loves Alec Baldwin -- loves with a capital L. And when 30 Rock first came on TV she was so excited to watch. We both LOVE the show. But you know who steals it for me? Jane Krakowski. Tracy Morgan, too. But Jane is fantastic.


True to comedic form, Krakowski is working with Breyers Smooth & Dreamy ice cream to put a modern, yet funny, twist on classic films like Gone with the Wind. Basically, she is taking scenes from old films and inserting a modern woman's voice into them. In this still she is Scarlett O'Hara -- but I can bet she won't get a response like, Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. Oh I cannot wait to see this. 

The skits will be released as webisodes mid-May on www.SmoothAndDreamy.com. I'll remind you as it gets closer.

Do you watch 30 Rock? How funny is Jane's character Jenna?

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