Justin Timberlake's New Show: The Phone

Photo by: Stephen Lovekin/Getty

Oh Justin Timberlake, your cute face causes me to be curious about shows that I wouldn't normally be the least bit interested in if your name wasn't attached to it.

The show I'm particularly talking about is The Phone, MTV's newest reality game show. JT is the executive producer.



Contestants are practically thrown into their own real-life action movie, having to complete various stunts that are given to them via phone calls from The Operator. All the while, trying to find clues to stop the "mad bomber" from striking again.

The first episode was complete with exploding cars and a guy who's terrified of heights having to climb along Seattle's Space Needle. Yikes.

The show premiered Tuesday night (though I did not tune in due to TV Turnoff Week, but plan to at least check out the next episode).

Did anyone watch it? What did you think?


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