It's TV Turnoff Week: Are You Participating?

On most weeks, I have a set TV schedule of certain shows that I watch that include Grey's Anatomy, The Hills, and How I Met Your Mother among others. This week, it's nada. Why? It's TV Turnoff Week!


This entire week many moms are shutting off the tube in support of TV Turnoff Week and in doing so, seeing some very positive results.

Cafe Kierna over at Big Kids Daily Buzz has found some interesting tidbits on Americans' TV-watching habits and the effect it has on children and Cafe Cynthia from Toddler Daily Buzz featured a mom who's turned the TV off for good! Wow!

It's only the second day and missing The Hills (thank goodness they play the previous episode again the next week!) and How I Met Your Mother last night was tough. New episode of Grey's on Thursday...not sure if I can stick to the plan for that one.

Are any of you participating in this? What shows would be the most difficult for you to miss?

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