Lindsay Lohan Spoofs Herself with eHarmony Ad

Lindsay Lohan eHarmony ad

Photo from Funny or Die

Hello ladies, Brittny here covering this hilarious Entertainment story. Now, I'm not a big Lindsay Lohan fan, but props to LiLo for being able to poke fun at herself in this eHarmony spoof produced by This video is already all over the internet, getting over 2.5 million views in the first week!


Newly single (recently split with girlfriend Samantha Ronson), Lindsay is ridiculously funny in the video, with lines like "I'm looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with...or at least the rest of my probation."

I caught up with the director of the video, Eric Appel, for a quick chat.

Brittny: Though I can see why the eHarmony idea was favored, I have to ask, what were some other ideas that were thrown out there?

Eric: We had a bunch of other ideas all focused on things that the tabloids have been saying about Lindsay (that she's broke, crazy, going back to rehab, etc...). One idea that I pitched out was a commercial for "Lindsay Lohan's Crazy Pills." They're pills you take when you're bored with having a successful career. Looking back now, I think the eHarmony idea is much better. 

Was Lindsay easy to work with?

Lindsay is a good actress and has great natural comic timing, so it made it very easy to work with her.

How much of that video was improvised?

Most of the lines Lindsay said were from the script, but she improvised a few.  The lines about being a threat to security guards and having car chases on the Pacific Coast Highway were hers.

Did you have any idea, while you were filming, that it was going to be as big of a hit as it has become?

We knew that the video would do big numbers, because it was the first time Lindsay had addressed some of those issues. We actually had an office pool as to how many hits it would get in the first day (I overshot by about a million).

What other projects can we look forward to seeing from you?

I can't really name names right now, but I have a couple other pretty awesome videos featuring big celebrities coming out in the next few weeks. Just keep checking the front page of Funny or Die.

Who's been the most interesting person you've worked with?

I worked with Christopher Lloyd on this fake Willy Wonka horror movie trailer I made. He's a real interesting guy and an amazing actor.

When can we expect your eHarmony video (wink wink)?

You'll have to ask my wife. Haha!


Darn...I have a thing for funny guys :)


Are you a LiLo fan? Do you think this video is funny? What would you say if you got the chance to create an eHarmony ad (for real or for fun!)?

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