Madonna Hospitalized After Falling Off Horse, Paparazzi's Fault?

Madonna was hospitalized on Saturday after she fell off a horse that was startled by a photographer. Madge was horseback riding this weekend with a friend, when the paparazzi swarmed in and spooked the horse!

I wish the photographers would leave the material girl alone!, Hard Candy CD

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Madonna was treated for minor injuries and released from the hospital but is still under a doctor's care this weekend. I'm glad doctors are watching her, especially after Natasha Richardson's accident.

This is the second horse-riding accident in four years for the pop queen and we all know that falling off a horse can cause serious injuries. I know Madonna is famous, but I think she should be able to enjoy a ride without being stalked by the press.

What do you think? Do celebrities get a day off?

Update: TMZ reports one photographer says Madonna is lying about how she fell off her horse! Whatever!

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