Madonna Hospitalized After Falling Off Horse, Paparazzi's Fault?


Madonna was hospitalized on Saturday after she fell off a horse that was startled by a photographer. Madge was horseback riding this weekend with a friend, when the paparazzi swarmed in and spooked the horse!

I wish the photographers would leave the material girl alone!, Hard Candy CD

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Madonna was treated for minor injuries and released from the hospital but is still under a doctor's care this weekend. I'm glad doctors are watching her, especially after Natasha Richardson's accident.

This is the second horse-riding accident in four years for the pop queen and we all know that falling off a horse can cause serious injuries. I know Madonna is famous, but I think she should be able to enjoy a ride without being stalked by the press.

What do you think? Do celebrities get a day off?

Update: TMZ reports one photographer says Madonna is lying about how she fell off her horse! Whatever!

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Spiri... SpiritFortress

I wish they would leave those people alone. Period.

lady-... lady-J-Rock

I also think they should leave them  heck alone.

Momma... Momma.Mare

Next thing you know they are going to try snapping pics of them wiping their arses... good lord we dont need to see every damn waking moment! Freakin idiots spooking a horse, she could have been killed. Even as an expirienced rider, I would be whoopin someone's arse if they'd spooked my horse!

vance... vances_mom

they should be criminally charged! if a car drives by and spooks a horse on purpose, the driver can be charged. a stalker with a camera should be held accountable!

Morga... MorganBrooke

Maybe she's too old to be riding horses.

ddbz ddbz

That was pretty ignorant of the photographers. Any pics?

DeTor... DeTora_Family

That's horrible!  I'm not a fan of Madonna, or celebrity in general.  Just because they entertain us when they're working, doesn't mean we have any right to knowledge of their private lives.  Everyone deserves privacy and I think it was wrong for photographers to do that.  I feel badly for the horse too.


s.teph s.teph

Maybe she's too old to be riding horses.

I was thinking the same thing lol. This is the second time she's fallen off a horse and injured herself. When your whole life is spent seeking out attention and fame you can't exactly claim that people intrude in your life all of a sudden.She's spent the last 30 years trying to be popular.. the phrase, "be careful what you wish for" comes to mind. I realize it must be difficult to live in the public spotlight all the time, but this is what she wanted... and with the good comes the bad. The paparazzi are doing their jobs too, it's not like this is some crazed fan.. these people make a living too. In fact, celebrities often call and let them know where they'll be and then have the nerve to act surprised like they had no idea they would be photographed that day. Ever heard the phrase, "there's no such thing as bad publicity"?

PinkS... PinkSodaPop

I think the paparazzi should have to in the least KEEP their distance.

Everyone has some right to the pursuit of happiness, and the moment the paparazzi make it unhappy for a celebrity, they should be required to back off.

The celebs personal life should be just that... personal. Whether they agreed to fame or not ---they don't deserve to be treated with any less comfort than any other citizen of the world.   wink mini

(I think they should be able to photo people, but in the appropriate setting --- like movie premieres etc.)

Glad the Matierial girl is doing well --- she should be more careful and make sure to wear the proper gear so she isn't hurt really badly like famed celebs of past.

Love, Love, LOVE horses myself, but they are so dangerous at times...experienced, and inexperienced riders matters not ---- they are animals and they are temperamental at best of times.

I still get upset about Reeves, what a tragic thing.
   crying mini

Great article!

mom_02bb mom_02bb

I think they should leave the famous people alone I mean sure they are in movies or sing songs but they are people too! Back off and let them have a life.

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