17 Again: Must See for Moms!

17 Again stars teen dream Zac Efron but it's a movie for anyone who ever wanted a second chance at life. I saw a preview of 17 Again with my tween daughter this week. The movie is funny, sweet and it's a flick moms will love.

If you would go back in time would you change anything? That is the basic question of the movie.

17 Again

Photo by: 17 Again/New Line


17 Again is about a father (Matthew Perry) who gets a chance to go back in time. Zac Efron plays the teen version of Matthew Perry and the movie has some hilarious supporting roles. 17 Again puts a twist on the familiar age-reversal plot and I thought it was very entertaining. But it will tug on your heart, so be prepared!

If you liked the movie 13 Going on 30 with Jennifer Garner, you'll love this flick! It's a movie that moms (and tweens) will love. Don't tell my kids but I am going to see the it again this weekend---with two of my mom friends. 

Check out the trailer and tell me what you think. Would you be 17 Again?

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