Ashton Kutcher Challenges CNN to Twitter Contest!


Ashton Kutcher, CNN, Twitter

Photo by: David Greedy/Getty

There's a Twitter popularity race between Ashton Kutcher and CNN, to see who will reach one million followers.

A few days ago, Kutcher said it was his goal to beat CNN, and be the first Twitter user with a million followers. CNN's Larry King said that one man couldn't take down a whole network.

I love Twitter and I think Kutcher's challenge is an interesting test. Applications like Twitter, Facebook and communities like CafeMom allow for large numbers of individuals to unite---giving back some of the power to the people.

Game maker Electronic Arts has now stepped into the fight with a big offer this morning!


Ashton Kutcher's one millionth follower on Twitter will get to become a star in the upcoming video game The Sims 3 and will get a free copy of every single game EA makes in 2009. But there's a catch: Kutcher has to beat CNN to the one million-follower mark.

Please note, I have nothing against CNN. In fact, CNN reporter Rick Sanchez is a Twitter pal of mine and he's very responsive to Tweets from regular people.

Even though Kutcher is famous, he is one person. I'd love to see an individual win a contest with a TV network. I love the underdog, what can I say?

Talk to me, all you Twitter-a-holics! What do you think about the Kutcher vs CNN challenge? If you want to follow Ashton, he's at @aplusk.

PS - If you're on Twitter, be sure to follow CafeMom there!

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