Weird Websites: Dogs and Cats Take Over the World?

Dogs and cats are launching a diabolical plot to take over the world,according to some hilarious (and twisted) websites.

Obey the Pure Breed, and Obey the Kitty are websites and online stores dedicated to spreading the word about the evil plots of dogs and cats to rule the world.


According the dog website, Obey the Pure Breed, dogs have been plotting for years to take over the planet! Dogs have had their paws in political circles for years and have been using world leaders to further their evil plans, LOL.

Naturally, the Obey the Kitty website has a blog, titled Chairman Meow, and it's a complete hoot! The blog claims that cats have been plotting their plan for a world takeover since ancient Egypt.

Today's blog post on Chairmen Meow discusses one more sign of the feline plot for world domination, cat stickers in public places!

Obey the Kitty

Photo by: Obey the Kitty

We all know that our pets aren't plotting to take over the world, right? But thinking about cats and dogs takes my mind off the huge pile of laundry I need to do.

Have you seen these websites? Do you think the sites are funny? Let me know some other funny pet websites you like.

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