Jon & Kate Plus 8 Go Green!

CafeMom Green Guide

Need your Jon & Kate Plus 8 fix? The season is over but Jon & Kate addicts fans get a bonus on Sunday April 19. The Gosselin clan is back for a one-hour special, Jon & Kate Plus 8 Go Green! The green show will feature Planet Green's Renovation Nation host Steve Thomas.


In this special green episode, Steve and his crew show the Gosselins ways to make their new home eco-friendly, and how small changes at home translate into big changes for the environment. The Gosselin kids learn about renewable energy and they definitely have some fun in between. Kate and Steve have some entertaining moments in the show, because you know how much Kate loves home renovation (and all the mess).

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Go Green will air on Sunday, April 19 at 9PM ET/PT, on TLC.

I plan to watch the special because I am a Jon & Kate junkie and I love TV shows featuring home improvement tips--I keep hoping it will rub off on me, via the TV screen. 

Will you watch this show?


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