Marley & Me: Are You a Lab Lover? Have You Seen the Movie?

Marley & Me is out on DVD, have you seen it? The movie is based on the popular book by John Grogan.

We own a giant Lab named Max, so we are part of the cult known as Lab People. Below is a picture of our sweet 125 pound Yellow Lab and one of our Pugs. I have not rented Marley & Me yet. Spoiler Alert! Read on at your own risk!

Marley and Me

Photo by: Cafe MichelleL


I never owned a Lab before Max. I used to call the vet when he would eat a light bulb or chew the shingles off our house!

Silly me. I didn't know eating wood shingles was just part of having a Lab. None of the puppy books mention that Labs will eat anything!

I read the Marley & Me book and there were sad parts. I can tell you that without giving too much away!

Are you a Lab person? If you are, have you rented Marley & Me?

Even if you're NOT a Lab owner, have you seen the movie? It looks really sweet---who can resist a Lab puppy? Talk to me about this movie, y'all! Do you recommend it?

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