Terminate Yourself Website, More Entertainment Links!

Turn yourself or a pet into an evil robot from the future via the Terminate Yourself website. As a promotion for the upcoming movie Terminator Salvation, the website allows you to create your own evil robot!

I turned my dog Lucky into an evil Pug Terminator! Read on to see a pic of my dog as an evil robot, along with some entertainment links!



Photo by: Cafe MichelleL



Have fun turning yourself and those you love into evil robots this weekend! Here are some more entertainment links:

Ed Westwick’s gone from hunky to chunky? (Celebitchy)

SNL's sketch of Madonna and Angelina (Mrs.Mogul)

80's sitcom fashion is big at pre-school! (Mom 101)

Billy Bob's Blow-Up on Q-TV? (MamaPop)

Gone Baby Gone! House Spoiler! (Better Than a Playdate)

Here Today. Beheaded Tomorrow. Season 3 of The Tudors. (Pajiba)

As promised, see my precious Lucky Pug as...Terminator Pug.


Cafe Michelle L, CafeMom, CafeMom Entertainment Buzz

Photo by: Cafe Michelle L



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