Gamer Moms: World of Warcraft Moms Group Leader, Sersokhi

Video games aren't just for boys anymore. Gamer chicks are taking over and many of the girls who love video games are moms!

World of Warcraft

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Sersokhi, who is the group leader of World of Warcraft Moms, took time out to talk to me about why so many moms are into video games. BTW, did you know her group has 1172 members? Rock on!


Entertainment Buzz: Why do so many moms like video games?

Sersokhi: It's an easy way to entertain yourself at home. You're right there, you don't have to spend extra money on other entertainment options and it's a fun outlet. It's also a great social outlet for those stay at home moms. 

I also think it's this generation of mommies. You've got moms that grew up with Atari and Nintendo, of course we're going to be inclined to play an online game where we can be social and poke things with a sword!

Entertainment Buzz: Some people say mom gamers spend too much time on games, they say it takes away from the kids.

Sersokhi: Though many people think gaming moms neglect their children, it's quite the opposite. In the MMO universe, moms are usually the players that go idle and get eaten by monsters!

That's actually a very common comment or joke in our group. With video games, you aren't leaving your children somewhere, they are right there. Many times they even play with you. And for older kids, it's pretty cool that mom understands their gamer lingo.

Entertainment Buzz: World of Warcraft is a subscription game, you have to pay to play every month. Doesn't that get expensive?

Sersokhi: It's a once a month payment if you play a game like World of Warcraft or any game like it. So that's $15 a month, in comparison to... say the movies, girls night out, or whatever other event you do that you spend money on. Don't get me wrong, we all need a ladies night out sometimes, but you can actually make some good connections with other ladies in a video game too.

Big shout out to Sersokhi! Thanks!

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