Stuff Happens: Bill Nye on Planet Green!

CafeMom Green Guide

Stuff Happens is a show on Planet Green hosted by Bill Nye. Do you remember the show Bill Nye the Science Guy? I loved that show and I'm happy to find Bill again on Planet Green!

Nye takes viewers on a journey as each item’s life cycle is investigated and uncovered. Along the way, he illustrates how simple and easy changes can reduce the environmental cost of things we love and use everyday.




Nye illustrates the green side of stuff---where did it come from in the first place and what happens after we are through with it? The reason I like Stuff Happens is Bill Nye's nerdy but cool explanations. This show makes being green FUN.

Come on, all you Bill Nye the Science Guy fans! Raise your hands! Have you seen Stuff Happens?

Even if you've never seen Bill Nye, you have to check out Stuff Happens. It's a great show.

Check out more information on Bill Nye's show via the Planet Green website.

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