Who Says the Library Doesn't Have Good Entertainment?

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All you need is your family and your public library for a night of frugal family entertainment!  I wrote about using the library as our DVD rental, and many people said their local library didn't have current DVD titles.

If you think your library doesn't have the best DVD titles, check again. Our library was pretty lame, until about a year ago. I am still amazed by the movies I find for free at the library.


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I got a horrible flu bug last week, I was down and out with the flu...and I mean bad. The good news is that my fat jeans are falling off me. The bad news is that today was the first day on my feet in almost 5 days, and you don't want the diet!

Our family movie night is Sunday night and my family picked some great movies for family night plus some of my favorite TV shows to catch up on while I recovered from my bug.

I'm a huge fan of the library, but even I was surprised that my DH could get CSI, LOST and Grey's Anatomy on DVD! If you think your local library has a poor selection of DVDs, you might give your library another chance.

Do you find good DVDs in your local library? Are you surprised to find good DVDs in your library?

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