Celebrity Baby Blog Dishes with Entertainment Buzz

Photo by: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Danielle Friedland is a mom who reports the latest scoop on celebrity moms and babies. She's the founder and Senior Editor of the mega-popular Celebrity Baby Blog. Danielle and I had a little coffee talk about celeb moms and babies.


EB: Who is your favorite celebrity mom and baby?
DF: Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck. What I like about Jennifer and Violet is that they're so seemingly normal, even like me and my daughter (who is coincidentally nearly the same age). They're kind of boring (in a good way), which I'm sure Jennifer would agree with.

EB: Who is the most interesting celebrity mom and baby?
DF: That would have to be Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise because they are such an enigma. I just can't imagine what their lives are like. Aside from the fact that Suri is Katie's raison d'etre- you see that maternal love just pouring out in every photo of the two of them- and that Suri is clearly very attached to her mama, I just can't identify with them the way I can with Jennifer and Violet. For example,we've never seen Suri wear anything but dresses! And we've never seen her in a stroller. Despite this, I can't get enough of them!

In addition to her role at Celebrity Baby Blog, Danielle is the mother of Anya, who turned 3 on October 14!

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