Paul Rudd in I Love You Man: Do You Like Bromance Movies?

I Love You Man, the new bromance starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, is a hit.

Why wouldn't it be? It's a laugh out loud funny buddy movie! The humor is on the same level as The 40 Year Old Virgin, so if you're looking for an art film, you might want to skip this movie. If you want to be entertained, I Love You Man is perfect.

Paul Rudd, I Love You Man

Photo by: Alex J. Berliner©Berliner Studio/BEImages


Bromance movies like Knocked Up, Superbad, and The 40 Year Old Virgin equal the male version of a chick flick.

Do you get a kick out of watching bromance flicks or are these movies too immature? Take the poll and tell me what you think!


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