Madonna and Guy Will Divorce


Photo by: Celebitchy

Madge and Guy Ritchie are calling it quits after nine years. Rumors have been flying for months but today the news is official. What went wrong?

Only the couple knows the true story. But Madonna’s star may have been too much for Guy. The director's career was very hot in the early days of the relationship. He made a movie starring Madonna in 2002, Swept Away. Insiders say Guy's career never quite recovered from that movie. That may or may not be true. But Madonna has continued to be world famous while Guy Ritchie's fame has faded.

Madge is one of the biggest divas on the planet, it would be hard for Guy not to be Mr. Madonna. More news and gossip to come on this story. This is big.

Big love to LindseyAnne7 over at the Daily Buzz launch party for the juicy gossip!

Do you think a strong woman like Madonna is too big of a star? What do you know about this story? If you have some good gossip, come on over and sit next to me.

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Maril... MarilynSueMotes

I didn't even know he had a career ,lol, I must be getting old! lmao

Bones... BonesDragonDew

The minute the tabloids said something a couple months back and they heartely denied it...I knew it was gonna happen.

denis... deniseswanton2

if she didnt have to run everything including him they wouldnt be getting a divorce.

Cafe... Cafe MichelleL

I agree with you BonesDragonDew, I thought the same thing.  MarilynSueMotes, I have only seen one of his movies, years ago. So I'm right there with you!

goth_... goth_mama

that is sad, they have been together a long time for anyone, let alone hollywood.

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