True Mom Confessions: Great Book for Moms!

Romi Lassally is the founder of, a network of online confessional communities. Romi is the author of the book True Mom Confessions: Real Moms Get Real.

TrueMom Confessions

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This book has the best of those hidden secrets of motherhood. The confessions are heartfelt, outrageous, and above all, very real.

The confessions selected for this book represent the best of the confessions from the online community. They dare to suggest that it’s okay for moms to make mistakesand above all to be human.

Note to all the perfect mothers out there---this book is not for you. True Mom Confessions is for the imperfect moms!

I love the honesty of the online site and the book is awesome. Romi Lassally is featured this week for my Mom Plugged In interview, so stay tuned.

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