Betty Hayes: Mom of 10 Has Tips for Cheap Family Fun!

Betty Hayes and I had a chit-chat last week about her new show, Table for 12. This week, she’s sharing some great tips for inexpensive family entertainment -- when you have three sets of multiples, you have to get crafty!

Table for 12, TLC

Photo by: Table for 12/TLC


Entertainment Buzz: What do you do to for your own entertainment for sanity as a mom?

Betty Hayes: I love to read! Reading a good book is my escape.

EB: What does your family do for entertainment?

BH: We love to have family movie night! As the kids get older, I value family movie night more than ever. Our family loves to watch movies together and family movie night is a ritual at our house.

EB: Can you share some inexpensive family entertainment suggestions
with us?

BH: (Laughing) The library. We go to the library for our books and our movies. We get a lot of movies from the library. In addition to the library, we like to play board games. Finally, my kids love to play outside...and that's free!

Table for 12, TLC

Photo by: Table for 12/TLC

EB: What's the best way to organize a large family outing, like to a bowling

BH: I am a list maker. When we go anywhere with the whole family, I make checklists. We always forget something, no matter how much I plan but the key is not to forget the important things!

I am excited to watch Table for 12, how about you? Are you interested in knowing more about the Hayes family? What do you think?

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