Jon and Kate Plus 8: How Do You Think This Season Will End?

Tonight is the Jon & Kate Plus 8 season finale and it's a two parter! Jon Gosselin has been in the headlines because of rumors the marriage was in trouble.

Toddler Buzz's Cafe Cynthia has the scoop and the marriage is fine. She says that the teaser for the Jon & Kate Plus 8 finale suggests that Jon and Kate are having problems but there is no need to fear.

I want to know how you think this season of Jon and Kate Plus 8 will end. What is your prediction? If you're feeling creative, tell me your dream season finale!


I'm feeling creative today so I'll give you my dream season finale for Jon & Kate Plus 8:

  • The people spreading rumors about Jon Gosselin come clean and confess it was all a scam.
  • The Twins get their own show. They can only do the show when school is out, in the summer.
  • The Gosselins move back to their old house because the new house is too much to clean.
  • The family gets a cat.
  • Kate invites some of the Kate haters over for coffee. Before the end of the second cup, the Kate haters are Gosselin fans and buy their book. it's your turn! Give me your prediction or your fantasy season finale!

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