Weird Websites: Craftastrophe



Photo by: Craftastrophe

This leprechaun pillow is a prime example of the handmade crafts you'll find on Craftastrophe.

Does this wee leprechaun remind you of anyone? His smile reminds me of Chucky, the scary doll!


Craftastrophe showcases crafts that are funny, weird, and off-the-wall.

These craftastrophes aren’t necessarily bad crafts, many are well made and have taken the crafter a lot of time and energy to create.

When life gave one crafter cicada shells, she made jewelry! It's a resin crafter gone wild!  Have you seen Craftastrophe?  I think it's a scream because some of my crafts could be featured. I am a crazy woman with a glue gun.

Do you have any craftastrophes in your past?


Photo by: Craftastrophe

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