Spring Break on the Cheap: Pretend to be a Tourist!

Get Real Recession Guide, CafeMomCheap family entertainment during Spring Break is a hot topic on CafeMom. chris scott asked how to find cheap or free family fun during Spring Break, and the rocking women of CafeMom told her to act like a tourist!

If you put on your tourist cap and pretend you are visiting your hometown for the first time, you'll be amazed at what you will find. Here are some great resources for finding cheap Spring Break entertainment from some of the experts---other moms!

Cafe Michelle L, CafeMom, CafeMom Entertainment Buzz

Pictures from a Family Trip to the Zoo (Cafe MichelleL)


Here are some tips to find cheap Spring Break activities in your area:

  • foreverb3 recommends using your state tourism website. You can get information on events and activities at parks and find hiking trails. 
  • EireLass has found luck using the event site, whofish.org. It is only for certain areas but it looks good.
  • MommaTasha1003 has one word: Zoo! She is a big fan of zoo memberships.
  • Convention and Visitors Bureau websites are a wealth of information for activities. .
  • Yours truly created a list of Cheap Thrills, recession proof entertainment ideas.

Talk to me ladies...what are some of your cheap or free Spring Break ideas for entertainment?

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