Betty Hayes: Mom of 10, Star of New Reality Show on TLC

Betty Hayes is a mom of 10 who has opened her home to the world for the new TLC show, Table for 12.

Table for 12, TLC

Photo by: Table for 12/TLC

Betty is a mom you want to know. She's bright, funny and very down-to-earth. As the mother of 10 kids, she has inexpensive family entertainment suggestions as well as sanity tips for moms. Here's the first part of my interview with Betty, and I'll have the second part for you on Monday, the day the first Table for 12 show airs on TLC.


Eric and Betty Hayes have a big crew to take care of! The family consists of 12-year-old twin boys Kevin and Kyle, 10-year-old twins Kieran and Meghan, and 4-year-old sextuplets Tara, Rachel, Ryan, Connor, EJ and Rebecca, who has cerebral palsy and is extremely special to the family.

Eric Hayes is a police officer, and Betty is a stay-at-home mom. Betty is one of those people who instantly makes you feel comfortable. I met her by phone the other day and we went over the time scheduled for our interview! I enjoyed meeting her and I hope you will too.

Entertainment Buzz: What made you decide to do Table for 12?

Betty Hayes: (Laughing) The decision has been in the making for over 4 years! I am the last hold out in the family. Seriously, one reason we finally decided to do the show because we thought it would help bring awareness of cerebral palsy to more people. We've seen the positive impact of other shows, like Little People, Big World, and that's what finally won me over.

EB: Are you nervous about your family getting negative publicity like some
other families on TV have?

BH: I am nervous! But we've made the decision and we're moving ahead.

EB: What has changed since you let cameras into your home?

BH: (Laughing) My house is cleaner! Seriously, it's weird having cameras follow us around but having a big family like ours, we're used to a lot of people being around.

EB: What is the best thing about having a large family?

BH: There are so many things, too many to name. But I think the fact that our kids always have someone to play with or hang out is one benefit of a big family.

I will have more of the interview with Betty Hayes on Monday. Table for 12 is premiering Monday, March 23 at 10 PM ET/PT on TLC.

What do you think about having 10 kids? Does Table for 12 sound like a show you will watch?

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