Fabulous Celebrity Parties

The Daily Buzz is having a party today! In honor of our party, here are a few celeb parties that are way over-the-top!


Kate Moss celebrated in London earlier this year with a few hundred of her closest friends. Kate and company ran up a $70,000 bar tab! Yikes! The champagne must have been overflowing to run up that big of a bill! I guess $70K is chump change if you're a supermodel. Thank goodness she didn't have a dinner party.

The queen of daytime TV, Oprah, threw a dinner party that still has Hollywood buzzing.  Oprah invited 200 guests for a black tie dinner that included 200 waiters to attend to each party goer. Can you say fancy? I couldn't find the costs of Oprah's dinner party but I'm sure it's out of my budget.

One of the most outrageous celebrity party moments was created by bad girl model Naomi Campbell. She invited A-List to her three-day, $1.8 million birthday party in 2006. How do you spend $1.8 million on a party? Throw the party in the seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, of course!

Naomi's mega-party included a number of themes. On day one, guests partied to an All White theme. Themes for day two and day three were Hip Hop and Brazilian Samba. Sounds dreamy but it's in my dreams that I'll ever go to a party like that!

If you have some extra cash to burn and want to throw a p-a-r-t-y like the stars, celebrity party planner Tatiana Byron is your first phone call. Tatiana says that a celebrity party for 20 to 30 people can range from $20,000 to $50,000. If you want 150 of your celeb friends, you're looking at at least $150,000.

Celebrities are so fascinating because their life is a fantasy. As long as there are friends around (and maybe a cold margarita) any party can be fun! Have you been by the Daily Buzz party?

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