American Idol Country Week! Are You Watching?

It's Country week on American Idol! I love it because I'm a country & western fan, how about you? Are you watching Country Week on American Idol?

Randy Travis, who is a fave of mine, has been helping the contestants.Travis will be performing on tonight's show, along with Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley.

Carrie Underwood

Photo by: Jason Merritt/Getty


I have always taken heat from people because I love C&W music. I remember playing country music at my desk when I worked for a very "hip" ad agency, they totally hazed me about it!

I didn't care then and I don't care now but I'm amused by some of the "mainstream" media coverage of Country Idol, compared to other music genres that are featured.

I can't wait to see Randy Travis, Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley perform tonight. I dig all three performers and it's good to see Randy Travis again.

My favorite song from Travis is the classic Is It Still Over? If you haven't heard this song, here's the chorus, you'll see why I get such a kick out of it.

Is it still over? Are we still through?
Since my phone still ain't ringing,
I assume it still ain't you?
I'll have to mind to take the time to find somebody new
But I'm not sure that I'm still over you.

If that is not a good country song, I don't know what is, LOL.

Talk to me! Tell me what you think about the following:

1) Are you watching this week's Country Idol?

2) Are you excited about C&W music being featured on Idol this week?

3) Do you think some of the media slams country music? Do you think there is a perception in the media that country music is for rednecks?

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