Poll: Why is Teen Pregancy So Popular in Movies, TV?

Why is teen pregnancy so popular in the movies and on TV? This has been a popular topic in CafeMom's General Parenting Answers.

The popularity of Juno and The Secret Life of the American Teenager are two prime examples of this teen pregnancy trend in entertainment.


madelynsmomma had the featured answer to this question, I'll give you a preview of her opinion. 

A lot of women keep saying that teen girls should be out "living their lives" and stuff like that....what if being a mother IS your life?? The main goal of your life?? I'm perfectly content living my life as Mom. While my friends are going out to party, I'm SO happy I'm home with my daughter.

You can read the rest of her reply over on Question and Answers.

Why do you think Teen Pregnancy is such a popular topic in the movies and on TV? Take the poll or leave me a comment!


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