Gazillion and Marvel to Make Superhero Games, World of Warcraft Style!

Marvel movie and comic fans will soon be able to interact with their favorite Marvel superheroes online--World of Warcraft style.

Marvel Entertainment and Gazillion Entertainment  struck a licensing deal to develop massively multi-player online ( MMO) games based on Marvel characters.

Marvel, Gazillion MMO Deal

Photo by: Marvel


Gaziilion wants to surpass the success of the mega hit World of Warcraft.  The Marvel games will be subscription-based but will be user-friendly for the hard-line gamers and the social gamer.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Gazillion also has killer deal with Lego to roll out Lego Universe, an MMO with Lego characters.

This week is like Christmas week at my house for my teen daughter! She's a Twilight addict who is also a gamer girl. My daughter was so excited when I told her about the Gazillion/Marvel deal. She's such a geeky mother, like daughter!

Are you excited to hear about the new Marvel and Lego MMO deal? Talk to me, all you gamer girls out there!

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