Chick Lit: Books for Boost of Girl Power

Looking for a boost of girl power?  Even if you're technically no longer a girl, moms need all the help we can get!  For me, reading books about women is a way I keep my mojo balanced.

If you're looking to add a little chick lit to your life, here are a few picks from my reading list.

Mommy Tracked

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The Help by Kathryn Stockett

First of all, the power of women in this book is extraordinary. These women break down social barriers! Between the three main characters, Minny, Skeeter, and Aibileen--you'll see yourself or someone you know in each of the characters.

Minny is the bossy one, the speaks-her-mind-at-any-cost friend. Aibileen, is the sweet one, is the heart broken and mom-to-all gal. Skeeter rounds out the trio as the lost friend. She's the recent college graduate who somehow still can’t live up to her mother expectations. These ladies could not be any more different, but they rally around each other like women always do!

Mommy Tracked by Whitney Gaskell

First of all, the cover with women having a few cocktails was the first indication this might be a good book for me!.This story centers around newly divorced restaurant critic and a single mother, Anna and a women's group called Mothers Coming Together

The ladies group is full of women that will be familiar to any veteran of the "mom group" scene! The group's president is binging and purging because she feels so bad about her baby weight. Juliet is an ambitious lawyer with the hots for her boss, even though her husband is a wonderful stay-at-home dad. Chloe becomes part of the group after she goes into labor at a party and has to rely on the other women in the group because he husband can't handle the labor, and keeps throwing up! The group members become friends who support each other through hard times. This book looks funny, sad and from the preview I've read, it looks like enough snappy dialogue to keep my attention.

Have you read either of these books? Do you have any chick lit books that you recommend?

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