Mom Plugged In: Meet Mom Advice

It is my pleasure to introduce you to another amazing mom blogger on Mom Plugged In.

Today we'll visit with Amy Clark, founder and creative force behind MomAdvice., Amy Clark


MomAdvice is a down-to-earth, common sense blog for moms who want to save money...and sanity. Amy writes like she is talking to her next door neighbor! She has received lots of national media attention and is a mom blog celebrity in her own right but Amy has her feet planted firmly on the ground.

1. Tell us about yourself.

I'm a mom of two kids, I spend my days running and running after my kids! MomAdvice is a community for women that are looking for ways to stay organized, stay sane, and stay within their budget. I started in in 2004 because I couldn't find a site that had everything I was looking for. I pooled talents with my web designer husband and created a site that offered this information for mothers. This is a pic of me and my husband, who is also my web guru., Amy Clark

2. What's your favorite gadget?

I am a gadget girl and my favorite gadget right now is my Kindle Book Reader. I travel a lot and it has made it easy and convenient to take my reading on the go with me. It has helped me to become active in a book club again and I love being able to look up the meanings of words or "clip" my favorite quotes and passages from my books.

3. What's your favorite TV show?
I can admit that I am totally obsessed with Gossip Girl right now. There is just something about that show that sucked me in from day one. I am not a big fan of teenage drama shows, but there is something special about that show. I can also admit that I am secretly in love with Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) and am always fascinated by any storyline that involves him., Amy Clark

4. What music do you listen to when you have “me time”?

I love to just listen to for my music while I am working or getting our dinner ready. I usually type in Adele, Duffy, Imogen Heap, or Jack Johnson and see what Pandora comes up with for recommendations. The picture above is my whole family...and those two little angels are the reasons I don't have as much "me time" as I used to.  I don't care because I love them so much!

5. What song do you love to sing on top of your lungs when you are alone in the car or shower?

Anything that takes me back to my childhood like Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, Paula Abdul, or Madonna. Here is a picture of me in the car! Don't worry, I'm not behind the wheel while taking this pic!, Amy Clark

6. What is your family's favorite entertainment activity?

We love our Wii and spend a lot of time playing on that together. We also just got the Wii Fit and I love being able to get my exercise in with my kids cheering me on from the sidelines.

7. Favorite board game or video game?

I am addicted to Scrabble, UPWORDS, and Apples to Apples for board games. For video games, I am a master in Soul Caliber. I love to show off how my random punching of buttons can, literally, crush my opponents. This is another pic of the family, in a semi-calm moment., Amy Clark

8. What is your favorite karaoke song?

Oh, you know it...I Will Survive. 

9. Who would play you in a movie about your life? What's the plot?

Anne Hathaway would probably be a great match for me. The plot would probably only be interesting to myself, but at least I would have a classy lady who was playing my part!

Big thanks to Amy Clark aka, for letting us have a peek into her life and sharing some of her favorite entertainment picks. If you want to check out her work, you can find her on the websites below:

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