Transporter 3, Role Models and Sean Penn's Milk on DVD!

Transporter 3

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Are you looking for a movie to watch this weekend? From Jason Statham's Transporter 3 to the Oscar winning Milk, you have a wide selection of DVDs to choose from!

I am amazed that some of these movies are already available on DVD. Are movies being released to DVD faster than they used to be? Maybe it's just me but it sure seems like it.

Transporter 3 is another wild ride! Frank Martin (Jason Statham) is forced into transporting the kidnapped daughter of a Ukraine big shot. My husband and I love the Transporter movies...I get to watch Jason and he digs the action! Are you a Transporter/Jason Statham fan?


If you're looking for a funny flick to watch this weekend, check out Role Models.

Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott are a pair of irresponsible energy drink salesmen, who have to do 150 hours in a community mentor program for children after they trash the company truck and find themselves at the mercy of the court.

If you liked Knocked Up, you'll love Role Models. There's strong language, female nudity and bawdy humor in this flick that makes it for grown-ups only. Put the kids in bed for this one...and get ready to laugh out loud!

Sean Penn won an Oscar for his role in Milk, so if you missed this movie at the theatre, I highly recommend it. It's about the last eight years in the life of Harvey Milk, the ill-fated politician and gay activist whose life changed history. If you feel like a serious drama, Milk is a perfect fit.

Milk, Sean Penn

Photo by: Milk

Do any of these DVDs look good? Have you seen any of these movies already? What are you watching this weekend?

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