Who Will Win Project Runway?

Photo by: Project Runway

Forget the election. What about Wall Street? The really important story this week is finding out who is going to win Project Runway!


I hope everyone has their priorities in order. Let the dishing begin! First off, there are no dudes in the final three. Still left standing is Leanne, Korto, and the designer everyone loves to hate, Kenley. I think all of these women are talented.

Leanne creates classic and beautiful clothes. Nearly everything she does is elegant and tres chic. The flipside of Leanne is that her clothes tend to look the same, verging on the boring?

Korto is fabulous, creating unique designs that stand out from the pack. Some of my fave designs comes from Korto. But when she misses, she goes down in flames. The girl is on or she's way off.

Kenley. She makes beautiful clothes...but she makes me crazy. Kenley's attitude will be her undoing.

Who do you want to win? Talk to me, fellow PR addicts.

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