Angelina Finds Brad Giving Nanny Massage: What Would You Do?

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Did Angelina Jolie catch Brad Pitt with the nanny?

Yahoo Shine reports Angelina freaked out when she saw Brad on the bed in the twins room, giving the nanny a backrub.

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Photo by: Star Magazine

The story is that Angelina slapped Brad across the face and fired the nanny on the spot. Did I mention the nanny is quite young and very hot?

Keep in mind that Star Magazine is the original source for this story but you never know. Call me cynical but I would never hire a pretty young nanny! Especially if I was married to one of the hunks of Hollywood.

Would you hire a beautiful, young nanny to take care of your kids? Be honest! Take the poll or leave me a comment. You know my answer and it's not because I don't trust my beloved husband. Talk to me.


Would you hire a pretty young nanny in your home?

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