Kelly Clarkson Weight Debate: What Do You Think?

Kelly Clarkson, Dove

Photo by: Johannes Simon/Getty

Kelly Clarkson is burning up the charts with her new album...and rumors are flying about Kelly's weight gain. Some tabloids are claiming she's pregnant!

I hate it when Kelly Clarkson gets criticized for her weight! She's beautiful! Kelly is very honest about the fact her magazine and ad images are photoshopped!


Let's talk about these crazy rumors. First of all, Kelly Clarkson is not pregnant. The laid back star told Celebrity Baby Blog that she has no desire for kids right now.

On the weight issue, I have to step back and take a deep breath.

This subject gets me really steamed. Clarkson has been taking heat about her weight for years. The latest hoopla is a result of her appearance on American Idol. If she looked heavier on TV, it could be related to camera angles, lighting or what she was wearing! The truth is that Kelly isn't starving herself and is probably at a normal weight.

I love Kelly Clarkson's music and last week I found out one more reason to be a fan!

She has teamed with Dove to encourage girls to be happy with their bodies -- and help raise their self-esteem. For more information, check out Dove's website here.

Do you think Kelly Clarkson gets picked on in the media? When is the concentration camp thin look going to go out of style in Tinsel Town? Some of the Hollywood starlets look sick, they are so thin!

Your turn. Spill it, ladies. Am I the only one who thinks the obsession with size 0 is insane?

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