Museum of Bad Art: Weird and Wonderful Websites

I mentioned The Museum of Bad Art in my post last week about cheap entertainment ideas.

The comments I received after my post showed me there are quite a few bad art fans reading Entertainment Buzz! Here's the scoop on the crazy, wonderful Museum of Bad Art.


It's real museum that is a cheeky tribute to really bad art, and it's located just outside Boston. Unlike most art galleries and museums, MOBA members have car washes to raise money!

If you have ever tried to figure out the difference between good and bad art, you'll love the Museum of Bad Art. For all the times you've had to stifle a giggle in an art gallery...there's finally a place that lets you laugh out loud at the paintings!

Like all good museums, MOBA has a gift shop. You can visit the gift shop online bring some of the bad art home.

I own a t-shirt with one of my favorite MOBA works of art, Pablo Presley. Here is the gift store description of this painting:

This refreshing multi-cultural treatment of one of America's most cherished icons is the perfect apparel for all occasions -- from a walk in the park to an impromptu road trip to Graceland.

MOBA is weird, fun and quirky. In other words, it's my kind of place. Do you like bad art? Does this sound like a fun museum?

Links for MOBA:

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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