The Library is Our DVD Store!

CafeMom Recession Guide

Our public library has become our DVD rental store. My family visits the library and checks out DVDs for family movie night. babygoose78 and qtmomof2 use the library as a family entertainment resource.


My kids have always loved visiting the library and checking out books. When they were little, I would let the girls pick out a VHS or DVD of one of their favorite shows at the end of  each visit.

I spent so much time in the children's part of our library, I didn't discover the awesome selection of DVD's until last year!

Getting DVDs at the library for family movie night is a fun event we do every week. We end up getting movies that the whole family loves...not just the "hot" movies but funny classics like Napoleon Dynamite.

Have you tried the library for DVDs? Have you had good luck? Talk to me!

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