Meet Mythbusters' Kari Byron

Kari Byron, Mythbusters, Kari Byron is Pregnant

Photo by: Discovery Channel

Kari Byron of Mythbusters is pregnant and she gave Entertainment Buzz an exclusive interview last week!


Cafe MichelleL: When are you due and how are you feeling?

Kari Byron: I am due June 20 but I am hoping she comes on the 21st. That is the first day her daddy and I fell in love. Since I am in my second trimester, I am feeling great.  All sickness is gone, energy is back, and I am reveling in the bliss of feeling my little girl squirm around in my belly.

CM: How are "the boys" on the show taking it? Don't let them talk you into doing a Pregnancy Mythbuster!

KB: The boys are very supportive and excited for me. They know how much I have been wanting a baby!

CM: What is your favorite gadget?

KB: I love my iphone so much. I send pictures of what I am doing all day to my husband and family. I feel like I take them wherever I go.

CM: Besides your show, what is your favorite TV show? Why?

KB: I think True Blood right now. I love anything to do with vampires.

CM: Favorite music and favorite songs?

KB: I have been playing music to my baby by putting headphones on my stomach. She kicks like crazy when I play the Clash. It throws me into fits of laughter. The girl has her mom's taste!

CM: What music do you think you'll have your baby listen to?

KB: I guess I just answered that. Actually, my fifth grade teacher at Blossom Hill School, Mr. Hanson, used to play classical music to us. He said the complex arrangements helped our minds grow and made us smarter. I might try that.

CM: You're not going to let the Mythbusters boys babysit, right?

KB: Well, not all of them!  I want Grant to teach my baby to be an engineer. He has beautiful stories of his grandfather teaching him how to take apart toasters, and he is great with kids. Tory, on the other hand, was atroublemaker as a kid. I would only let him babysit if I had a sitter for him as well.

CM: Who would play you in a movie about your life?

KB: I am on a reality based tv show where every moment of my day is filmed. I think the movie has already been shot. The rest of my life is pretty quiet and plot-free.

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