American Idol Poll: Judges Too Soft on Blind Finalist?

American Idol, Season 8

Photo by: American Idol

American Idol is down to the final 13. But many fans are wondering if certain singers really deserve to be there. In the American Idol fan forum, there is a lot of buzz about the shows first blind finalist, Scott MacIntyre.


Many fans, bloggers and media critics are questioning if the judges have been too easy on MacIntyre, because he is blind. 

For his performance on Tuesday, Scott chose an older tune and had pitch problems. The judges usually nail contestants on these issues but they applauded MacIntyre's passion.

If Scott wasn't blind do you think he would still be getting all the praise from the judges? I'm sure the American Idol Fans group have a lot to say about this!

What about you? Are the judges being too soft on the first blind finalist? Take the poll or leave me a comment!


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