Twilight: Walmart Will Have Events, Twilight Shops for DVD Release!

Walmart is turning into a Twilight fan paradise for the Twilight DVD release on March 21st. Walmart will have Twilight shops inside stores, and will host midnight events and giveaways in its 24-hour stores.

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Photo by: Walmart


There is a special Twilight area on the Walmart website, You can go to this website for more details about:

  • In-store events
  • Viewing party ideas and products
  • New behind-the-scenes movie footage
  • e-Bite messages to send to other Twilight addicts friends.

This is cool news! Are you going to join me and other Twilight fans at Walmart? I've got some movie related fun and freebies coming soon. Stay tuned, y'all.

I went to Twilight at the theatre with my BFF and my teen. My daughter was dying because I was acting so geeky about the movie. I doubt Grace will be joining me and my mom friends at Walmart!

Spill it ladies. You know you're excited about the Twilight DVD. Talk to me.

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