Robin Williams Heart Surgery, Jewel and Nancy O'Dell Out of DWTS

Robin Williams will undergo heart surgery, according to a report from CNN. Jewel and Nancy O'Dell dropped out of Dancing with the Stars, due to injuries. It's been a bad health week for some of my favorite celebs.


Robin Williams will undergo an aortic valve replacement, the date of the surgery has not been announced. The surgery is similar to the procedure former first lady Barbara Bush underwent this week.

Preparing for the eighth season of DWTS, Jewel suffered tibia fractures in both legs and O'Dell did some serious damage to her knee, which will require surgery. 

The producers of Dancing With the Stars are considering whether to rethink their rehearsal policies in light of injuries. The new season begins March 9, and replacing both of these dancers seems like a long shot.

I think the producers of DWTS are right to review the dancing rehearsals! Jewel and Nancy O'Dell looked like they were in pretty good shape, so I have to believe the dancing was intense. What do you think about this?

Say a prayer, a chant or send some good mojo to Robin Williams, I know I am going to.

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