Mom Plugged In: Meet Mrs. Mogul

Mom Plugged In will be a regular feature here on Entertainment Buzz. I'll be featuring the most interesting and well-known mom bloggers on the web.

Today we are visiting with Lisa Estall, also known as Mrs. Mogul, one of my favorite celebrity and baby bloggers.

Mrs. Mogul

Photo by: Mrs. Mogul

I've always liked Lisa's columns on celebrity news. She is not as mean and snarky as many of the celebrity bloggers but her work is funny and entertaining.

Let me introduce you to Mrs. Mogul....


Tell us about yourself.

Having worked in the film and television industry in NYC, I am thrilled to be at home with my son, 3, and baby daughter. Being there for my children as well as working on my blogs is a dream come true. This is a pic of the queen of our household, Summer, on her throne!

Mrs mogul baby

What is your favorite gadget?

My favorite gadget is my new Macbook. My old Mac, which is now given to my husband, was white but this one is aluminum! The screen is also higher quality. Here is another picture of me and my fave gadget, my Mac!

Mrs. Mogul

What is your favorite TV show?

Currently my fave show is Desperate Housewives of NYC. I am from NYC so it's nice to see scenes of Manhattan and especially The Hamptons, a place where I used to go to every summer for drinking, puking and debauchery! It's all very true about the socialite scene in the Hamptons. These women are real! I have met women like them! In fact, I just sent some email questions to NYC housewife Alex McCord and am waiting for her answers. It will be a Mrs. Mogul exclusive!

What music do you listen to when you have "me time"?

There is no me time unfortunately! The only music I am made to listen to is the Dora the Explorer CD. My son demands to hear Wheels on the Bus every time we get in the car. This is my son and his Flock of Seagulls toddler bedhead! Every morning he ends up looking like he had a rumble with five cats!

Mrs Mogul toddler

What song do you love to sing on top of your lungs when you are alone in the car or shower?

I can't sing so won't even do it when I'm alone in the house! I'm my own worst critic! However, in my college days I used to sing along to the B52's.

What is your family's favorite entertainment activity?

Scolding at our 3-year-old son to stop jumping on the baby. No seriously, my husband and I love to go for walks! We can't wait for the snow to melt so we can take our stroller out. I spend a huge amount of time changing diapers, so I don't have as much entertainment time as I used to!

Mrs Mogul baby

Favorite board game?

Wow, you're really putting me into shame! I haven't played a board game in years! But I used to love SCRABBLE.

What is your favorite karaoke song?

Oh can't answer that one. My husband and I were in Singapore a few years ago and stepped into a Karaoke bar. He sang a Mama and the Papa's song All the Leaves are Brown.

Who would play you in a movie about your life?

Drew Barrymore.

The reason? Someone I used to work with had just been hanging out with Madonna at her apartment in NY. He told me that she would have loved me if I came along and that I reminded him of Drew Barrymore. In a way I can understand why he thought that. I guess I can be portrayed as a very free spirit like Drew.

The biggest stars in my life are my kids! Here's another pic of my daughter. I showed her a picture of Jessica Alba's baby eating a huge squash. I swear Summer was trying to tell me she wanted squash too!

Mrs Mogul baby

Big thanks to Lisa, aka Mrs. Mogul, to letting us have a peek into her life and sharing some of her favorite entertainment picks. Is her little baby the cutest or WHAT? What a squish. If you want to check out her work, you can find Lisa on the websites below:

Next week's Mom Plugged In will feature Secret Agent Mama, a very creative mom, writer and photographer.

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