The Bachelor's Melissa Rycroft and the Law of Reality TV Karma

The Bachelor's Melissa Rycroft is on Dancing With the Stars and dating a nice guy. It's the Law of Reality TV Karma.

Melissa is just one more example of a reality TV "loser" going on to do better than the "winner".

US Weekly Cover, Melissa from The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars

Photo by: US Weekly


Melissa's outstanding performance on DWTS last Monday was amazing--considering she only had 3 days to practice. To top it off, people in the audience booed when DTWS judge mentioned The Bachelor Jason! 

The Law of Reality TV Karma is strong. Think of American Idol losers Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry! Can you remember who won instead of Jennifer and Chris?

Elizabeth Hasselbeck was loser on Survivor: The Australian Outback but went on to get TV gigs and married a football star. She was picked to be on The View and has been making headlines ever since. Do you remember who won Survivor: The Australian Outback?

Life is not fair but you can count on Reality TV Karma. If I were Jason the Bachelor, I'd be sweatin' up a storm! What do you think of Reality TV Karma? Are you as happy as I am about Melissa doing so well?

Check out some DWTS rehearsal photos on the US Weekly website! Go Melissa!

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