Jimmy Fallon Late Night: Hot or Not?

Jimmy Fallon's Late Night premiered this week, have you seen it? Early reviews have been mixed but I think it's pretty early to judge, how about you?


Reviews of Jimmy Fallon's new show here at CafeMom are mostly negative. prettymama0607 asked other CafeMom members about the show because she thought it was not funny! If you want to answer her question, go to Who Else Thought Jimmy Fallon was Not Funny.

Time wrote a harsh review:

His booker must hate him. How else do you explain putting Robert DeNiro on as Fallon's very first guest ever? DeNiro's a huge star, but his reticence is no joke, and the sit-down quickly had Fallon trying to entertain DeNiro with anecdotes, as if he were the guest on his own show.

OUCH! Jossip called Jimmy Fallon's new show a train wreck. Mrs. Mogul slept through the Monday night show but she has a video clip of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on her blog.

Have you seen Jimmy Fallon's new show? I think the reviews are kind of negative, considering it's just the first week.

What do you think? Do you like Jimmy Fallon? Do you think this show is going to make it? Leave me a comment or take the poll!


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