Cheap Thrills: Recession Proof Entertainment Ideas!

Recession Guide

America is in a recession. Thank you experts! I'm sure most of us could have told the political and financial experts that news a long time ago.

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My family has been living with the recession for more than a year. The hard times hit our household when our family health insurance and prescription coverage was terminated by my husband's company. The impact of the losing our health insurance without notice has been devastating to our family budget.

I wanted to tell you about our situation so you know that I have been living in the recession and I've got some cheap (and free) entertainment ideas.


Cheap Thrills - Ideas for Recession Proof Entertainment

Go to a Museum - Before your eyes start to glaze over, museums can be fun if you pick the right one!

Listen to a lecture or a book reading -The chain book stores like Barnes&Noble and Borders have lecturers and authors on a regular basis. You can listen to an interesting person speak for free.

See a school play. I'm not talking about High School Musical 3 on DVD! Some of the local high schools and middle schools have plays and musicals that are fun to watch and only cost a dollar or two. You can support the local school and be entertained.

Please learn from my experience, and ask around before you go! There are some plays and musicals that are fabulous...and some that are painful to watch. Trust me.

More cheap thrills coming later this week! Do you have some cheap and fun entertainment tips? Send them my way!

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